I am taking a class at Alan Hancock this semester in March in order to get credit for a class that is offered in order to complete the Paralegal requirements. What form needs to be completed?

Response from Katherine Blum:

Please meet with a counselor at Cuesta to verify that the course you are taking at Alan Hancock will meet the requirement you need at Cuesta.  You will need to have an official copy of your transcript sent to Cuesta before you meet with the counselor. If necessary, the counselor will then assist you with a course substitution form.  You will need other signatures as well and he/she will help you with that. Once you meet with the counselor and have completed the Alan Hancock course you will need to have 'OFFICIAL' transcripts from Alan Hancock sent to Cuesta to verify you have passed that course.  Also, you may need to fill out an AA degree request or certificate form which can be found on the Admissions and Records Department web page under forms and policies.

Please make sure that the Hancock transcripts have arrived at Cuesta before you make your counseling appointment.  The counseling department phone number is (805)546-3162 or (805)546-3138.

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