edQuestion: the comprehensive answer resource for students

When students today want answers, there's one place they go to first - the internet. Today's students greatly prefer finding answers on the web over any alternative method.

Imagine there was a service that provided answers to any question a student may have in an easily accessible, online format. Think of all the time, frustration, and repeated questions such a service would save. edQuestion is that service, and it is taking the student self-service experience to a new level - all while minimizing costs and faculty resources.


  • Save staff time answering common questions
  • Allow students to find the answers they need anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure information is consistent and pertinent at all times

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What is edQuestion?

edQuestion is a next generation Question & Answer platform that goes far beyond the capabilities of any FAQ or site search tool. It delivers quick, effective and approved answers to student questions, and leaves them thrilled with the experience—all with little more than a click of their mouse.

How does edQuestion work?

Each school receives its own custom edQuestion site, which acts as an engaging virtual counselor's office, empowering students to ask questions using normal, conversational language. The service will then display the best matched questions along with any answers that have been posted. If a student is still not satisfied with their answer, they are then able to submit a question for review, and a site administrator will post an answer at their earliest convenience.

It's a low effort, engaging experience unlike anything your students have ever seen. An answering experience this efficient creates a positive impact in all the right areas: higher student satisfaction, better informed students, less wasted faculty time - and not to mention an ever-expanding dynamic database of pertinent institution-related information.

The Modern Student is Everywhere. Are you?

The edQuestion service works wherever students choose to interact with your school. edQuestion is optimized to work on any computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or other mobile device. edQuestion brings the answers straight to your students, wherever they may be.

Key Features

  • Best Question Matches appear whenever a student asks a question that may already be in the database. This gives students the ability to see any questions that are similar to the one they have asked in order to avoid duplicate submissions. If none of the question matches completely address their question, they are then able to submit their question for review, or ask another question.
  • Most Popular Questions includes a dynamic, constantly evolving list of the most relevant questions asked on your site
  • Recent Questions show students the most questions that have been asked most recently. This allows students to find answers to questions they may not have even known they had.
  • Mobile Device Integration has never been easier. edQuestion is optimized for use with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and all other tablets and smartphones.